Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jill extending Elsie's path

MARK’S ARTICLE – January 11, 2010
“All New People”

ROOFTOP -- Can you believe Kay asked me just last week if she could throw this hat away? The very thought.

For those of you too cozy to climb up here with us, let me say that it’s one of those red, plaid, woolen, hunter’s caps with the earflaps. Elmer Fudd cap is what it is. We used it as a prop for Jill in one of our Rooftop episodes. I hafta say it looks so much better on me. Stunning, actually.

This is among the coldest of roofsits. Not the coldest, just among ‘em. And, on that note, let me say that there’s no way you’re getting this mug of coffee away from me. Those of you who wish to climb down and start another pot, go head. The backdoor is open, and-- Well, looks like I lost half my readership.

I really enjoy the cold. I’ve got about five jackets in my closet, and only get to wear one or two of ‘em three weeks out of the year.

When I was in high school I used to wear a lot of sweaters. Not all at once. I can’t handle sweaters anymore. I have to take ‘em off the minute I go indoors. Messes up my near-bald head. Few things goofier-looking than messed up hair on a near-bald guy. Well, that’s a lie. There are a lot of things goofier, but I’m just saying…

By the by, how many have noticed that this is the first roofsit of the year… of the decade for that matter? That’s cool, but I’m still not sharing my coffee. If we had time we could reminisce about the decade past, but that’s been done and done.

Or, we could make predictions. I used to make predictions each New Year. I quit when I realized that I hate reading the corny predictions of others. Just about every prediction I made involved running someone down. I’m not above criticizing people or institutions, but I hate to dig to come up with stuff. It’s attitude wrecking. Hate to start a New Year with a wrecked attitude.

So, no predicting. No matter how much silly prognosticating we do it all means absolutely nothing. Good or bad, stuff is headed our way. We’ll deal with it… however we deal with it. Laugh, dance, worry, fuss… Then a hundred years from now it’s all new people.

I used to say “A hundred years from now it’s not gonna matter.” We all did. It didn’t stick long, but we thought it a time or two. On one of the episodes of the new Ray Romano series, “Men of a Certain Age”, one of the characters told Ramono, “A hundred years from now there will be all new people.” Point being: Don’t get too bogged down with stuff.

I thought that line sounded so much more profound than “In 100 years it won’t make any difference.” Regardless, the “new people” notion shouldn’t make us want to give up on stuff. Should make us more aware of leaving some kind of footprint in life. Just a little something that changed for the better because of our being here.

Jill told me about being near the end of a line at a checkout. Seems there was an elderly lady up front holding everything up. She was fumbling nervously through her purse for change, while the people in the area were acting a bit putout. Jill said the lady reminded her of Mom.

My kid sister walked to the front of the line and asked the lady if she could help. “Oh, thank you, Sweetheart. I’m just all thumbs, today,” the lady said. Jill found the change and helped the lady load her cart. Jill rushed to the parking lot after checking out, but the old the lady was nowhere to be found.

Doesn’t matter. Jill left a footprint at the end of a trail that Mom began. The print may stop right there. Who can know? Regardless, wouldn’t Elsie be proud?

Makes me feel guilty about not sharing my coffee. Oops. The guilt just passed. No worry. The year is young. Plenty of time for footprints. Besides, I don’t think giving up my coffee is a good place to make a footprint. I’ll try to find something better. Pick a time when we’re not freezing on the roof. Like maybe next time.



  1. Moke, I'm telling you, and all my other brothers & sisters, if you had seen this sweet old lady, you would have done the same thing. She looked so much like Ma. I just hope that when I get that old, that some sweet, beautiful, young woman will help me pick up my dropped coins, help me put my heavy milk jug in my cart and hand me my keys... I just hope she will come along for me.

    Oh, I love "Men of a Certain Age", it's so real! And I love the friendship between the 3 of 'em! Excellent show.
    Another excellent show to watch is "Leverage". I love Timothy Hutton and I love the guy with the long hair that can beat up everybody - he looks so much like my favorite "Imagination Mover" Scott.
    Good article Moke. I believe anyone coming from the family we came from would have done the same exact thing, I don't know about the rest of ya.

  2. And thank you for posting that picture of me & Ma.

  3. Hey! I swear, I have 4 fingers and one thumb on my right hand!