Monday, July 11, 2011

Night time on the roof

“On a hot metal roof”

    ROOFTOP – Did any of you collide with a junebug on your way up? Two of those critters got me. Both of ‘em hit my face. I haven’t even noticed a junebug all year, and while I’m walking the ladder around to the launch point, two of those bubbas hit me. What’s that all about?

    They must love the dry and the heat. I came up here tonight figuring it would be almost bearable. Daytime roofsits have been called off till late autumn. At least at my house. You do what you want.

    Here it is 10 in the P.M. and it’s 87 degrees. The air has a feel of a drive-in theatre outing. Strange attraction the drive-in. It was always a blast going, but such a dismal time getting home and piling out of the car. I hated it when I got too old for Dad to carry me inside. I don’t remember a Li’l Al ever entering the house conscious after a drive-in outing. – “Hey, Daddy, after you get Alan in, how ‘bout coming back for me?” Never happened.

    Listen to those neeker breekers. Those things simply cannot harmonize. Each one seems oblivious to the other. Sounds like a neighborhood awash in creaking door sounds. There may be a frog among ‘em. If so, it’s bound to be sitting in one of Kay’s flowerpots. Nothing else is wet enough to coax a croak out of a frog.

    You know what would go good about now? No, that’s too obvious. I was thinking of a smoothie. The last time Jill was here she brought along some smoothie makings. Included pomegranate juice, frozen bananas, berries and whey. I don’t understand whey. I don’t even think Miss Muffet knew what she was eating.

    The smoothies Jill made were really good. If you switch the pomegranate juice for a citrus or grape concoction, you’d really have something. After Jill’s visit, Kay and I just had to get us some smoothie makings. A small jar of whey cost ten bucks, by the whey. In a year or two, we may use it for driveway filler. Smoothie making is to much trouble.

You’ve really got to be serious about a project if the outcome involves washing a blender. Too many parts, and the ugliest blade in the world. I’d just as soon clean a shark’s teeth as mess with a set of blender blades.

Fortunately, Kay found a use for the smoothie berries. She boils the things and adds ‘em to her hummingbird sugar and water mixture. Brian’s grandson taught her that. The six-year-old came to help his grandpa with a remodeling job. Most of the time he sat and talked to Kay about birds and stuff. Smart kid.

Kay added the berry mixture to one of her two feeders. The berry mixture was gone before the other even took more than a hit or two. Ryan’s a bright kid. I think he learned a lot from listening to his grandma. What I think.

Before we all leave, which we’re gonna hafta do in a couple of minutes, I want us to congregate at ground-level so I can give you each a tomato. We got a few from the Plilers and Catherine. I wouldn’t be so generous with my tomatoes, but they all turned ripe at once. Two days ago. Now they’re walking a tight line between ripe and rot.

Kay and I have been trying to eat a few tomatoes with each meal. To tell the truth I’m about ‘matered out. A week from now I’ll be begging for tomatoes, but they’ll all be gone. I’ll be back to paying big bucks for ‘em. Tomatoes are way tricky. That’s why they call ‘em tomatoes.

Okay, no pushing, slipping or jumping. And, no playing with the satellite dish. I’m talking to you, Lanny! Everybody just just climb down and lineup for your tomato. And, yes, you have to take one. – Next time.


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  1. Lord have mercy... I don't have to climb higher to be hot, ground level is scorching. A metal roof is like a death wish!

  2. Good article Moke. My friend at work has a huge garden and has been bringing us all up lots of tomatoes... there's nothing like a home grown tomato. I've been slicing 'em real thick, putting pepperjack cheese on top and then broiling 'em... mmmmmm!