Monday, June 4, 2018

Curt and Rhonda Texanized

“Chip and Jo: The New Waco”

Chip and Jo's Silos

            I made the decision for our first excursion. I’d tell you about it, but I think it’s best I not bring it up while Rhonda and Curt are still here. Their words were pleasant, but their eyes said, “Uncle Mark is such a moron.”

            The girls got to choose the second outing of our niece and nephew’s visit from Washington. As was suggested by several of you, they chose Chip and Joanna Gaines Waco haven, known as Magnolia Market at the Silos. Curt and I were over the moon about the decision.

            Sensing that I owed our visitors something as a result of the previous day’s debacle, I treated everyone to breakfast at Whataburger before we left town. On the first bite of my Breakfast on a Bun with bacon, I bit into something metallic. I immediately deduced that I was chewing on my bridge that had come loose from my molars. Either that or I had ordered my B o B with metal shards.

            After extracting the fascinating piece of dental work, I wrapped it in a napkin. And, so as not to lose it, I put it in my shirt pocket and ended up throwing it in a garbage can at one of our stops between Conroe and Waco.  According to the dentist’s office, it was a $3000 mistake on my part. Thank you, Chip and Jo. – Well, I’m not saying the couple lost my bridge. I’m just saying that had Chip and Jo not decided to create a fabulous shopping-eating-fun area in Waco I wouldn’t have mistakenly tossed my dental work. In other words, they’re 80 percent responsible.

            We entered Waco shortly before noon, and couldn’t help noticing that there was very little traffic in the city. When we reached our destination, we discovered why. Half the city had decided to eat lunch at The Magnolia Table. That’s the site of a landmark café that the Gaines redesigned and hired hundreds of local builders to help them construct. Just one more reason to rename Waco -- “Chip ‘n Jo.”  

            We ended up eating at Rudy’s BBQ located a short distance from Magnolia Table. The barbecue was great, and we still get to tell people that we once went to lunch at the Magnolia Table. You can “go to lunch” at a place and not actually eat there. I think that’s mentioned somewhere in Leviticus.

            Magnolia Market at the Silos, was not quite as crowed as the restaurant, probably because it was lunch time and two thirds of the city were eating at the place we just came from. I must say, the Silos is a great place to shop, eat and play with some big wooden toys. Watching all the kids and parents playing on a huge open area of carpet grass, I was tempted to go out amongst them, but realized that Curt is way too competitive.

            Speaking of Curt, after following Kay around in the shops for a good while, I went outside and saw Curt sitting at a picnic table under a huge roof that shaded a bunch of picnic tables. He had texted Rhonda telling her where he was and assuring her that she could take her time shopping. What an idiot.

            A couple from California joined us at the table. The man had ordered one of the $9 hotdogs. I generally draw the line at $3 hotdogs, but after seeing the massive piece of work that guy unwrapped, I would’ve definitely let Curt buy me one, had he caught my hint. While ogling the hotdog, I asked the man’s wife if they had seen Chip and Jo's Fixer Upper show in California. They looked at me as if I were dumb enough to throw my bridgework away. Of course, they had seen Fixer Upper! Watched every episode.

            After the girls finished their shopping, I suggested we walk over to the garden area. (That's a lie. They dragged my buns over there.) While Rhonda and Kay inspected each plant and every item in the garden store, Curt and I stood under an awning, where I listened to Curt talk about building barns and houses, and he listened to me talk about the trouble I was having with my garage door opener.

            We ended our visit with a stop at Silos Baking Co. It’s where they sell cupcakes, cookies and to-die-for cinnamon rolls.  We stood in a line that stretched around the corner. When it started raining, I almost made a break for it. It was Kay’s tight grip that kept me planted.

             Girls eventually came out and handed everyone a card with a list of all the cakes and cookies, so you could put a check by what you wanted. I checked “Silo Cookie”, because I had not yet seen what the cinnamon rolls looked like. Curt got two cupcakes, Strawberries ‘n Cream and Ship-lap. The girls chose sissy looking cupcakes.

            While I don’t think the trip was worth $3000, it worked out all right, because Curt not only shared his Shiplap with me, but he bought my cookie.  

            Tomorrow we’re going to stay a little closer to home. We’re going to visit Billy R. Duncan at Fernland Historical Park in Montgomery. He’s going to give us a tour of some of the “oldest remaining structures within Texas.” Curt, a builder of houses, barns and goat pens and a repairer of garage door openers, suggested the visit. We’ve still got a couple of trips left. I will not be the one choosing among the places that so many of you recommended. You were so kind to do that. --  Next time.

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